Our First Year

It’s been a wonderful year of making music!

2023 marks the founding of our duo, and our next performance was unintentionally scheduled as an anniversary recital! What started as a simple sight reading session on December 16, 2022, Antonio armed with music and Lindsay knowing nothing other than Piazzola’s Histoire du Tango, we’ve now performed a dozen times, have a website, hours worth of music at the ready, and a new composition written for us!

La Dolce Vita Duo

What we will play on December 16, 2023

We’re thrilled to be featuring this new work by Lincoln composer David von Kampen at our December 16, 2023 performance in the Nebraska State Capitol. After reconnecting with Lindsay, David offered to write something for the duo. His first time writing for classical guitar, it’s been a true collaboration between Antonio and David to find how best to present David’s ideas through the guitar, with changes to make it as approachable as possible by Antonio. We think this piece, Suite: Seven Moods for Flute and Guitar, is quite a unique addition to the repertoire, and we couldn’t be more thankful to David for taking the chance on writing for us!

David van Kampen and Antonio Forgione

We hope to see you at the accidental-anniversary-not-quite-a-holiday-show. Not only will you hear the new piece by DVK but a couple holiday favorites (hand picked by Lindsay aka Scrooge), arrangements by Antonio, Pujol’s Dos aires candomberos, the classic Molino’s Nocturne, and of course you’ll enjoy the beauty of Nebraska’s Capitol Building and the holiday decorations.

Concert Flyer 16 Decemeber 2023

Family and friends

As our friends know, we’re not just balancing the duo, but our individual music pursuits, full time careers, and busy families. The support of our spouses over the past year has truly made the duo possible - managing long weekend days with the kids while we perform, allowing late night work catch up sessions to balance out the flex time for weekday rehearsals and performances, and so much more. We thank you, Monica and Jake!

We look forward to the final performance for us this year, and all that 2024 has to offer.

What’s next

Our next event will be at The Landing on January 18, 2024.

— La Dolce Vita Duo

Published on 2023-12-16